0.2-2mm plastic sheet blister process and blister products

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Blister packaging can be seen everywhere in life scenes, but the packaging materials used in different scenes are different from each other. What materials are the food packaging boxes in the supermarket shelves? What material are the electronic product packaging boxes purchased? Cosmetics, toys, fresh food, etc. What materials are used in their packaging boxes? How is it made?
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Blister: A plastic processing technology, the main principle is that after heating and softening the flat plastic hard sheet, it is vacuum adsorbed on the surface of the mold, and then formed after cooling. Widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries.

Blister is divided into sheet blister and thick plate blister. Sheet blister is blister packaging products including: blister, tray, blister box, blister tray, etc. It has the advantages of saving raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, convenient transportation, good sealing performance, and meeting the requirements of environmental protection and green packaging.

Blister packaging products have a wide range of applications. Commonly used in hardware tools, IT electronic products, sporting goods, toys, small household appliances, food, cosmetics, automobiles, medical and other industries. What are the classifications of blister packaging?

1. Anti-static blister packaging products
Anti-static blister packaging products are made of anti-static plastic sheets through blister molding. According to its anti-static effect, it is generally divided into three levels: ordinary anti-static, semi-conductive level, and conductive level. Among them, the conductivity level is the highest level, which is not affected by external factors and years, and can achieve permanent anti-static effect. Commonly used in the transportation and packaging of precision electronic devices, the selection of materials is PS plastic sheet and PP plastic sheet. Transparent PET can also meet this standard, but the MOQ requirement is relatively high.
2. Food blister packaging products
Food blister packaging products are mainly used in food packaging, which are required to be non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly. The materials are made of transparent PET plastic sheet, PS plastic sheet and PP plastic sheet. Among them, the PP material can be placed in a microwave oven or a refrigerator, which is the best choice for high and low temperature resistance in the plastic material.
3. Ordinary blister packaging products
Ordinary blister packaging products are the most common and are widely used in industrial industries. The requirements for material, appearance and functionality are not high, and it mainly plays the role of protecting the product or facilitating transportation. Commonly used in the production of ordinary transparent PET plastic sheet or PVC plastic sheet, of course, PP plastic sheet and PS plastic sheet can also be used for production.
4. Medical blister packaging products
Medical blister packaging products are used in medical devices or pharmaceutical products, so there are very high requirements for the production environment and production experience of blister packaging product manufacturers. The material selection is based on PETG transparent blue background plastic sheet and APET transparent white background plastic sheet, combined with medical dialysis paper for heat sealing, and sterilization is completed after the product is heat sealed and sterile.

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