The break-through of Pulixin Overseas department

Source:pulixin By Administrator Posted:2021-04-09
On April 9, 2021, a bright sunny Friday afternoon, Pulixin overseas department holds a tea party in order to share the joy of success with all other employees, and aim for plenty of better outcomes for the future to come. Surrounded with all kinds of foods, snacks and drinks, one of the overseas salespersons shares her experience and results about an PET for food packaging order from Northeast Asia, which would bring the company a total revenue of 5million rmb. While another colleague shares her great news about a 2 million worth PS antistatic sheet product order from south America. With these two ground-breaking orders, the overseas department wish to overcome themselves by all means, and help the company break through and climb up to another level this year, especially with the help of many different new products such as the the PET for food packaging and PS antistatic sheet mentioned before, also conductive PP sheet roll and etc.  All the other employees feel happy for the overseas department and hope for the best for them and Pulixin in 2021.