Anti-static plastic sheet blister tray

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In the electronics industry, nearly 300 electronic blister trays can be consumed for transportation basically every hour, but why do electronic parts need to use anti-static plastic sheet blister trays instead of directly using ordinary trays to save costs? What role does the electronic pallet play in the transportation of electronic parts?

The main purpose of anti-static plastic sheet blister tray

Main application: to eliminate static electricity, and it is widely used in the turnover loading, packaging, storage and transportation of electronic devices and products in the production process. In the industry, it is also called a static conductive tray. The height of the tray is generally less than 100mm, which is suitable for the container for the turnover storage of precision electronic components. According to customer electronic component requirements, there are also different requirements for size.

An anti-static tray is an ideal tool for storing electronic components. It is made of anti-static plastic sheet through blister process, and special polymer chains are added to the raw material to make the finished product have permanent static dissipative properties. The finished product has good mechanical strength and heat resistance, good impact resistance and strong chemical corrosion resistance. It will not change its anti-static performance due to environment, time and temperature.

 anti-static tray  anti-static plastic sheet tray

The anti-static tray can effectively release the static charge accumulated on the surface of the object, so that it will not generate charge accumulation and high potential difference, which can greatly reduce the damage rate of electronic products in the production process, reduce costs, and improve product quality and profit.

Classification of anti-static plastic sheet blister tray

1. Anti-static tray
2. Conductive tray
3. Parts anti-static tray

Structural classification of anti-static plastic sheet blister tray

1. Stackable anti-static tray
2. Format anti-static tray
3. Anti-static tray with holes
4. Hollow plate anti-static tray
5. Blister anti-static tray

Performance of anti-static plastic sheet blister tray

The anti-static plastic sheet blister tray has the properties of anti-folding, anti-aging, high bearing strength, tensile, compression, tearing, high temperature, lightweight, durable, stackable and other properties.
With the continuous development of digital technology, the spare parts industry for digital products is also becoming more and more popular, and the anti-static blister trays used for the transportation and turnover of these spare parts have become in short supply. However, due to the difficulty of making anti-static blister sheets, the anti-static index of many anti-static blister trays can only reach 108-1012, and this anti-static effect will be affected by the humidity and temperature in the air, which may be affected at any time. As a result, the anti-static effect is weakened or even absent, which brings unnecessary losses to the product.

So how is the permanent anti-static blister tray made? First of all, let's talk about how the anti-static effect of the blister tray comes from. It is divided into two cases: one is to spray a layer of anti-static liquid on the surface of the blister material, which will not affect the transparency of the blister tray. The general transparent plastic trays are sprayed from the outside. The other is built-in, that is, adding anti-static liquid to the material when making the blister sheet, which is generally used for black or white blister trays, because it will make the transparent blister look cloudy, Affect transparency. But in terms of anti-static effect and life, the built-in is far more than the external spray, but its production process is also much more complicated than the external spray.

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