Application of high-barrier PET sheet in modified atmosphere packaging

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What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging?

Modified Atmosphere Packing is called Modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging or replacement gas packaging, inflatable packaging. Also known as MAP or CAP, it uses packaging materials with gas barrier properties to package food. According to the actual needs of customers, a certain proportion of O2+CO2+N2, N2+ CO2, O2+ CO2 mixed gas is filled into the package to prevent food from being physically damaged. , chemical, biological and other aspects of quality decline or slow down the speed of quality decline, so as to prolong the shelf life of food and enhance the value of food.

Modified atmosphere packaging applications

Modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging is widely used in the packaging of fresh food such as meat, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables, cooked meat products, bakery and cakes and other baked goods. Foods that have undergone modified atmosphere packaging have been more and more recognized by food processing manufacturers and consumers because they better maintain the original taste, color, shape and nutrition of the food, and at the same time can achieve a longer shelf life. Food using modified atmosphere packaging in the European and American markets has developed very rapidly, with an annual growth rate of 25%. The total amount of modified atmosphere packaging products has exceeded 5 billion boxes each year.
High barrier pet plastic sheet application

What is a high barrier pet plastic sheet?

High-barrier PET plastic packaging material is a kind of packaging material with good oxygen resistance, water resistance and high permeability, which can play a good role in quality preservation, freshness preservation and shelf life extension.

Advantages of high barrier pet plastic sheet

1.  Effectively reduce the use cost of modified atmosphere packaging. The high-barrier PET sheet does not need to be compounded with other films or sheets during use, and can be effectively recycled, which directly reduces the production cost of food companies.

2. The transparency of the box body is obviously improved. The transparency of ordinary composite materials is low, and the transparency of high-barrier PET sheets can reach more than 89%. More than 90% transparency can also be achieved according to the special needs of customers.

3. The plastic forming efficiency is high, and the finished molding lines are smooth and beautiful. During the blister process of the composite material, the adjacent layers are easily eliminated, resulting in a decrease in the pass rate. The high-barrier PET sheet is a single-layer material, blister and will not be layered, and at the same time, the edge lines are obvious and the edges and corners are clear, making the overall box shape beautiful and beautiful.

High barrier pet plastic sheet

Other high barrier plastics sheets​

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