Difference between APET plastic sheet and GAG plastic sheet

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Everyone knows what GAG and APET are the raw materials that are always very popular in the industrial field. These products should also be very common for us. In addition, GAG and APET plastic sheets have a common feature: it is an environmentally friendly plastic sheet, and after use, it can be recycled and used without polluting environments. Let me introduce the difference between GAG and APET plastic sheets.

Where is the difference between APET and GAG plastic sheets?

GAG three -layer composite plastic sheet

The GAG ​​plastic sheet is a three -layer composite sheet material produced by the middle layer APET and the upper and lower layers of PETG raw materials according to the appropriate proportion. It is especially suitable for packaging boxes that need to be high -frequency thermal sealing and glue bonding.

The advantages are as follows:
1. Good transparency, transparency can reach more than 90%, good texture, suitable for products that require high transparency.

2. Excellent impact strength and rigidity, hard and durable material, suitable for high impact strength.

3. Excellent processing properties, can be processed by sawing, mold cutting, drilling and laser cutting. It can also be cold and hot bending, sticking, welding and polishing, printing and coating.
and the cold bending is not allowing, and the appearance is beautiful.

4, good thermal formability, can be formed without preheating, high accuracy, and the shrinkage rate is about 0.5%; the deep form is good, not ruptured and the thickness is one.

5. Food hygiene is excellent. The material is PETG, which can meet all the main food regulations.

A-PET (polytic benzenerite ethyl) sheet

APET is a polymer of PET, also known as non -crystallized polytic glycolic glycol. It is a hot -shrinking polyester film. Compared with the currently widely used PVC film, there are the following advantages:

1. High strength: PET film strength is more than 20%higher than the PVC film, and the low temperature resistance impact performance is better. It can resist -40 ° C without crisp cracking.

2. Good folding: PET film will not appear self -crack crease like PVC, and it is more suitable for surface decorations such as files.

3. PET film is highly transparent (PVC film is blue), especially the gloss is better than PVC film, which is more suitable for exquisite packaging. PET products have no pollution, no crystal point, high transparency, good smoothness, and strong impact resistance. They can be widely used in exquisite packaging and various printing windows and various printing windows, and can produce various types of various printing windows. Color film.

The advantages of APET plastic sheets are as follows:
(1) APET's translucent sheet APET film: Transparent and smooth APET ordinary sheet, suitable for folding boxes, printing, and suction.

(2) Anti -static electrical material
There are three categories, the anti -static index is different, and the packaging of electronic products with different needs is applicable. Class A: Using internal injection technology. Anti -static index: 109 ~ 1011B: Use coating technology. The anti -static index is: 109 ~ 1011c: Use coating technology. The anti -static index is: 108 ~ 1010

(3) The APET conductive electrical material is used in electronic product packaging and turnover boxes, inner support, outer packaging, etc.

(4) APET color tablets of transparent or opaque sheets of various colors, suitable for packaging with high -requirements with cosmetics and food.

(5) After the APET flat sheet is formed, the scissors are cut directly with the confirmation of the APET flat tablet that meets the requirements of the required size.

(6) After the APET compound film is squeezed out, the transparent protective film is immediately covered. You can cover the membrane, or you can cover the membrane with both sides. Suitable for packaging or printing with high surface requirements.

(7) APET anti -UV film UV is ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet resistance APET sheets. The product is tested by relevant national institutions and meets the requirements of ultraviolet resistance.

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