How to avoid yellowing of PET sheet?

Source:pulixin By Administrator Posted:2022-05-18
PET sheet is a thermoplastic environmentally friendly plastic product, which is widely used in the packaging of cosmetics, food electronics, toys, printing and other industries.

PET sheet is also known as polyester rigid film, and its scrap and waste can be recycled. PET products have the characteristics of no crystal point, high transparency, good gloss, strong impact resistance, etc. It is a newly developed material in recent years. It has excellent toughness, high strength, good transparency, and strong recycling performance, and is currently sought after by many manufacturers.

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The production process of PET sheet is relatively complicated, and it is produced by high-precision machinery through a series of compression polymerization processes. Generally, this kind of plastic is a kind of material similar to translucent, but the transparency can be changed in real time according to its specific practical requirements.

However, many PET sheet manufacturers will encounter problems such as product yellowing and insufficient transparency during the production process, which directly affects sales. To solve this problem, it is recommended to add fluorescent whitening agent OB in the production process.

In the PET sheet, the amount of fluorescent whitening agent OB added is very small, only 0.02%-0.05% of the amount is added, and the whiteness value and brightness value of the product will be greatly improved.

In addition, the weather resistance of the optical brightener OB is excellent. We all know that UV rays are the biggest culprit in yellowing and fading items. Fluorescent whitening agent OB can absorb ultraviolet light and effectively improve the service life of the product. Even if it is used for a long time, the product will not turn yellow and fade.

The PET sheet with the fluorescent whitening agent OB added not only improves the appearance, but also greatly reduces the production cost for the PET sheet manufacturer. After all, the recycling performance of the PET sheet is relatively strong. Manufacturers will use recycled old materials for production, and add fluorescent whitening agents to recycled old materials, and the appearance of the products made is the same as new materials.

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