• What are the Differences Between PVC Plastic Sheet and PET Plastic Sheet?

    What are the Differences Between PVC Plastic Sheet and PET Plastic Sheet?2021-11-29

    As we all know, PVC plastic sheet and PET plastic sheet are one of the two more commonly used plastic products. Then the question is coming, you know What are the differences between PVC plastic sheet and PET plastic sheet?

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  • <strong>The Difference Between PP Sheet and PVC Sheet</strong>

    The Difference Between PP Sheet and PVC Sheet2021-11-25

    PP feels harder while PVC is relatively soft. The best way to test is to burn these two materials with an open flame. The black dusty form is PVC but PP does not. It can also be distinguished from the smell, PVC has a choking smell, while PP is tasteless.

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  • <strong>Five Characteristics of PET Material</strong>

    Five Characteristics of PET Material2021-11-24

    Because of the high heat resistance, the reinforced PET is immersed in a solder bath at 250°C for 10 seconds, and it hardly deforms or does not change color. It is especially suitable for the preparation of electronic and electrical parts for soldering;

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  • <strong>PET Plastic Introduction</strong>

    PET Plastic Introduction2021-11-17

    The molecular structure of PET plastic is highly symmetrical and has a certain crystal orientation ability, so it has high film-forming properties and propertie

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  • <strong>Plastic HIPS Sheet Application</strong>

    Plastic HIPS Sheet Application2021-11-10

    High Impact Polystyrene Sheets or HIPS Plastic Sheets is one of the best-performing materials available for a wide range of applications in the plastic industry, and it is stocked in a variety of different bright colors. Usually used for handling-trays th

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  • <strong>High Impact Polystyrene</strong>

    High Impact Polystyrene2020-10-16

    HIPS is the development of rubber-modified polystyrene (ie high-impact polystyrene, HIPS) since 1950, mainly to solve the impact brittleness of PS . By adding rubber to the polystyrene substrate, various grades of high-impact polystyrene with different pr

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  • <strong>Processing technology and advantages of PET sheet roll blister</strong>

    Processing technology and advantages of PET sheet roll blister2020-09-22

    Blister is a kind of plastic processing technology, the main principle is that the flat plastic hard sheet is heated and softened, before using vacuum blister on the surface of the mold, after cooling molding.PET Chinese name: poly (ethylene terephthalate

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  • <strong>MAP technology and application</strong>

    MAP technology and application2020-09-19

    DefinitionAir-regulated preservation packaging is also called MAP or CAP in foreign countries, air-regulated packaging or displacement gas packaging, gas packag

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