PP+PE thermoplastic composite plastic sheet

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PE plastic is odorless and five poisonous, feels like wax, can withstand low temperature, good chemical stability, low water absorption, high rigidity, hardness and strength, and strong radiation resistance. But PE plastic is very sensitive to environmental stress (chemical and mechanical action) and has poor heat resistance.


PP is one of the most widely used plastics, but due to its high crystallinity, PP has disadvantages such as large molding shrinkage, poor low temperature toughness and high notch sensitivity, which limit its application range to a certain extent. The blending of PE and PP improves the toughness of PP, increases the impact strength of the falling ball at low temperature, and greatly improves its comprehensive performance.

PP plastic sheet roll

Both PP and PE are food grade, and these two materials can be divided into industrial, food grade and medical grade, which are applied according to different fields and needs. PP material has a high melting point and can be used to make soy milk bottles, juice beverage bottles and microwave lunch boxes, etc. And PE is used in a wider range, ranging from bottles for bleach, detergents, and milk to food packaging barrels.

PP plastic sheet uses

The difference between PP and PE materials:

1. Different appearance: PE plastic is milky white waxy particles, PP plastic is white translucent granular.

2. Different density: The density of PP is smaller than that of PE.

3. Different hardness: The hardness of PP is better than that of PE plastic. PP plastics are mostly used in home appliances, medical, pipes, automobile industries, etc. PE is mostly used in films, containers and daily necessities.

4. Different heat resistance: PE plastic has good low temperature resistance and can be used normally in the environment of -60 °C, but the high temperature resistance is weak. The PP plastic has good high temperature resistance and can be used normally at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius.


PP+PE composite plastic sheet, adding PP to PE, has the following two functions:

1. PP plastic can reduce the cost of production raw materials. The price of PP is lower than that of PE. Adding PP in production can not only improve the performance of plastic sheets, but also reduce production costs.

2. PP plastic can make up for the lack of rigidity of PE plastic sheet and improve the cost performance of HDPE plastic. PE plastic sheet is soft and tough and can meet the environmental protection requirements of food grade, but the rigidity of PE material is not enough, and it is easy to deform when used as food packaging. In order for PE to remain soft and tough while also having a certain rigidity, some PP is appropriately added in the production process to increase the hardness.