PP flame retardant plastic sheet

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PP is one of the engineering thermoplastics with excellent acid, chemical and corrosion resistance. Does not react with water, detergent, acid or alkali, so PP plastic sheet is not easy to decompose and wear-resistant.

Compared with other general-purpose thermoplastics, PP plastic sheet has the smallest density of 0.90-0.91 grams per cubic centimeter. PP has excellent mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, compressive strength, surface hardness and elastic modulus, and has outstanding stress crack resistance and wear resistance. PP has good heat resistance. It will not deform when heated to 150 degrees in an environment without external force. It can be cooked in boiling water and can be used stably for a long time above 100 degrees.

PP plastic sheet

Polypropylene (PP) has become the most widely used general polymer material in modern life due to its excellent physical and chemical properties. However, the flammable characteristics of PP limit its application in many fields, and flame-retardant PP plastic sheets emerge as the times require.

PP flame retardant plastic sheet is made by adding flame retardant to PP raw material, and then by heating extrusion molding process. PP flame retardant plastic sheet is widely used in medical, packaging, food, electronics, printing and other industries.

What are the classifications of PP flame retardant sheets?
According to the composition of the flame retardant: halogen-containing flame-retardant PP sheet, intumescent flame-retardant PP sheet, phosphorus-based flame-retardant PP sheet, and bio-based flame-retardant PP sheet.

Since the flame retardant efficiency of each flame retardant is different, it is necessary to add different doses of flame retardant to achieve the same flame retardant effect. The addition of a large number of flame retardants will damage the mechanical properties of PP, especially the toughness. Therefore, suitable flame retardants are required according to the actual use of PP materials.

Halogen-containing flame retardant PP plastic sheet
Although halogen-containing flame retardants are the most economical, when halogen-containing flame retardant PP plastic sheets are burned, a large amount of toxic gas will be generated, which is not environmentally friendly.

Metal hydroxide flame retardant PP plastic sheet
Magnesium hydroxide is the most commonly used inorganic flame retardant for PP materials, which has the advantages of non-toxicity and environmental protection. However, it has disadvantages such as poor dispersibility, poor compatibility, and large amount of addition. The addition of this flame retardant to PP materials has been gradually phased out, and it is generally mixed with other flame retardants as a flame retardant synergistic factor.

Intumescent flame retardant PP plastic sheet
Intumescent flame retardants are generally composed of three parts: acid source, carbon source and gas source. When heated, the acid generated by the acid source acts as a dehydrating agent to dehydrate the polyol to form a carbon layer, and the incombustible gas generated by the gas source expands and foams the combustion melting system, forming a dense carbon layer on the surface of the PP material. This carbon layer can effectively block the conduction of heat, the release of combustible gas and the transmission of oxygen, and further improve the flame retardant properties of PP materials.

Traditional intumescent flame retardant PP plastic sheet
The flame retardant system of traditional intumescent flame retardant PP material is APP/PER/MEL, which is slightly better than halogen-containing flame retardants, but still has low flame retardant efficiency and low decomposition temperature (150 ℃).

Bio-based flame retardant PP plastic sheet
The preparation of flame retardants from bio-based raw materials meets the trend of safety, environmental protection and sustainability.

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