Co-extrusion thermoforming of high barrier PP/EVOH composite sheet

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EVOH material is a new type of barrier material with excellent gas barrier properties, transparency, gloss, mechanical strength, stretchability, abrasion resistance, cold resistance and surface strength. At the same time, it has the highest thermal stability among high-performance barrier resins, which enables the reuse of production waste.

In the food industry, it is used for aseptic packaging, hot filling and retort pouches, packaging dairy products, meat, canned juices and condiments, etc. However, in the case of high humidity, the barrier performance of EVOH will decrease to a certain extent, so it is generally used as the intermediate layer of composite materials to prevent the shelf life of the product from being affected.

The high-barrier film-coated sheet and the production method thereof are characterized in that: a high-barrier film layer, an adhesive layer and a three-layer co-extruded sheet are sequentially arranged from top to bottom. The high-barrier film layer includes a surface layer, a PA layer, an intermediate layer, a PA layer, and a surface layer in order from top to bottom.

The production method of the above-mentioned high-barrier film-coated sheet includes the following steps: co-extruding the PP raw material particles, EVOH raw material particles, and PA raw material particles into a high-barrier film layer; Extruding into a three-layer co-extruded sheet; compounding the high-barrier film layer and the three-layer co-extruded sheet with an adhesive to form a high-barrier film-coated sheet.
EVOH composite sheet
The traditional EVOH composite sheet structure is, from top to bottom, the surface layer, the adhesive layer, the middle layer, the adhesive layer, and the surface layer. Among them, the surface layer can be selected from PS (polystyrene), PP (polypropylene) or PET (polyethylene terephthalate). The middle layer is EVOH (ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer).

PP/EVOH/PP high-barrier composite sheet is used for food packaging, which can prevent moisture and block water vapor/oxygen. Using multi-layer co-extrusion processing technology, it has high definition and flexibility. In use, it fully shows the excellent characteristics of quality assurance, refrigeration, taste preservation, long shelf life, acid and alkali resistance, humidity and cold resistance, heat resistance, low temperature refrigeration resistance, and very high strength.

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