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Outline: Purchasing wholesale high quality plastic ESD dissipative HIPS rolls from the great China HIPS roll supplier Pulixin. Pulixin is a professional HIPS rolls provider in China, owns 39 new product patents, 10 production lines, 6000 square meters workshop, the annual HIPS roll output can be 50000 metric tons. With 12 years foreign trade export experience, Pulixin has accumulated more than one hundred loyal clients who come from more than 60 countries. Using our exclusive technology and advanced equipments, Pulixin can effectively produce all kinds of HIPS rolls and can afford to sell them at very competitive market price in the global HIPS roll trade market. Please send us an email, call us or just chat with us online for more info. Sincerely hope to do business with global customers for a great brigther future together.

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Polystyrene (PS for short) is a polymer synthesized from styrene monomer by free radical addition polymerization, and its chemical formula is (C8H8) N. It is a kind of colorless transparent thermoplastic, with glass conversion temperature higher than 100℃, so it is often used to make a variety of disposable containers that need to withstand the temperature of boiling water, as well as disposable foam lunch boxes.

Polystyrene is colorless and transparent, free coloring, relative density is second only to PP and PE, with excellent electrical properties, especially good high frequency characteristics, inferior to F-4, PPO. In addition, it is second only to methacrylate resin in terms of photostability, but its radiation resistance is the strongest among all plastics. The most important characteristic of polystyrene is the thermal stability and fluidity when melting is very good, so it is easy to molding processing, especially easy injection molding, suitable for mass production. Small molding shrinkage, molding product size stability is good.

High impact polystyrene is an impact resistant polystyrene product produced by adding polybutyl rubber particles in the polystyrene. The polystyrene product is made by adding micron-sized rubber particles and grafting the polystyrene to the rubber particles. When impacted, stress at the tip of crack propagation is released by relatively soft rubber particles. Therefore, the crack propagation is hindered and the impact resistance is improved.

Polystyrene is easy to process and shape, and has the advantages of transparency, low cost, rigidity, insulation, good printing and so on. It can be widely used in light industry market, daily decoration, lighting indication and packaging. In the electrical aspect is a good insulation and heat insulation material, can make all kinds of instrument shell, lampshade, optical chemical instrument parts, transparent film, capacitor dielectric layer, etc.

HIPS is high impact resistant polystyrene.

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Our Advantages:

1.Professional Dissipative HIPS Roll Manufacturer and Supplier
2.OEM & ODM accepted
3.Factory Price
4.12 Years Export Experience
5.We have Passed RoHS, SGS, ISO Certificates
6.We own 39 Patents for new products.

Product Name

Plastic ESD Dissipative HIPS Roll Wholesale High Quality


100% virgin HIPS raw material


Any color


SGS, ROHS, ISO, etc.


Medical grade, food grade and conductive grade






Mainly applied to the packaging of food, medicine, electronics, cosmetics&gifts.

Our Advantage

1.Strict QC team,quality satisfaction rate meets 99%
2.More than 10 set advanced automated equipments,meet high end quality requirement
3.Free design service and fast sample lead time in 3 day

Sample Time

1-3 days

Delivery Methods

Ocean shipping ,air transportation, express,land transportation

Payment Term

Credit card ,T/T,L/C,Western Union,Paypal






by roll or cut sheet form

Company Information

Company Profile

Company Type: Manufacturer

1) Establish Year: 2009

2) Start make export year: 2009    

3) Factory area: 6000 square meter

4) Patent: Own 39 Product Patents

5) Total Employees: 50–100 People

6) Production Line Capacity: 50000 Metric Tons/Year

7) No. of Production Lines: Above 10

8) Certifications: Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system authentication and ROHS authentication.

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Product parameters

HIPS Sheet Roll Test Item Test method Unit Properties
Specific gravity ASTM D792 g/cm3 1.04
Impact Strength ASTM D256 mpa 35
Tensile Strength ASTM D638 mpa 29
Heat Deflection Temperature ASTM D648 85
Flexural Strength ASTM D790 mpa 36
COLOR Visual Inspection / Customized

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