Virgin PP Laminating Sheets For Thermoforming Tray

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Origin: Shanghai, China
Thickness: 0.18~2mm
Width: 300~1400mm
Application: Thermoforming
MOQ: 5 tons

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Features Of Virgin PP Laminating Sheets 

 PP extruded sheet roll is a popular thermoforming materials for food packaings, electronic packagings, cosmetics packagings medical packagings and hardware packaings.,etc. Its width is 300~900mm. The thickness of virgin PP laminating sheets range from 0.3~2.0mm. Colorful PP sheets could be produced according to Pantone. card. When used in food industry, the temperature could reach -40℃ to 120℃. For examples, Sushi tray, bento box, cup, cup lids and so on. We also produce high barrier PP sheet rolls for some food packagings which required to preserve a long time.
Refer to electronic industry, we could supply antistatic PP roll and conductive PP roll two kinds performance PP sheet roll for electronics packagings whose resistance value is 10^3~10^11. Besides, we have advance coating technology and equipments for high cleanliness elelctronic PP/PS/PET sheet roll requirements. Its advantage is high cleanliness and permanent that less influence from enviroment. 
For cosmetics packagings, There are PP lighted sheet roll and PP matte sheet roll for your choice. And we have the new products which named high elastomer sheet rolls used for the high-end cosmetics/electronics packagings. All PP/PS/PET rolls produced in no dust environment.

Specification Of Virgin PP Laminating Sheets 

PP Sheet Polypropylene Sheet roll stability is the best. PP plastic products can work long hours under 100°c, in the absence of external force, PP sheet roll will not deformation when heated to 150°c. After using nucleating agent improved the crystallization of PP roll, its heat resistance can also be further improved, can even make microwave heating food vessels.
1.PP sheet is the minimum density
2.Best thermal properties
3.Best Gas tightness

Printing PP Sheet Roll
The dyne value of it can be more than 40 with strong printing adhensive force through corona treatment. It is mainly applied to the packaging of electronics.

Matte PP Sheet Roll
It is frosted, matte and wearable through special technical formula. Those effects are still available after thermoformed processing. It is mainly applied to the packaging of upscale electronics.

Compound Sheet Roll
It is mainly applied to the packaging of cosmetics&medicine.

Common PP Sheet Roll
It is mainly applied to the packaging of food, medicine, electronics, cosmetics and gifts.

Laminating PP Sheet Roll
It is mainly used in food packaging.

Product parameters

Parameters of  Virgin PP Laminating Sheets  roll  
 Specification PP Sheet Polypropylene Sheet roll 
Color Any color Application Electric packaging
Food packaging  Cosmetic&Gifts.
Width 300~900mm Certification SGS,ROHS
Thickness 0.3~1.5mm Warranty 2 years
Category Printing
Food grade
High cleanliness conductive
Permanent Antistatic polymer
common antistatic.,etc.
Finished goods color Matte/Glossy
Common colors.
Resistance 10^3~10^8Ω MOQ 3 mt
Laminating PE, CPP, OPS, etc. Price Based on detailed specification
Packaging Pallet Port Ningbo/Shanghai
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