Which plastic is referred to as HIPS?

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Brief introduction of HIPS

High-impact polystyrene, also known as HIPS, is a thermoplastic material made from elastomer-modified polystyrene. A two-phase system consisting of a rubber phase and a continuous polystyrene phase has developed into an important polymer commodity in the world.

This general-purpose product has a wide range of impact properties and processing properties, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Such as for automotive, appliances, electrical products, furniture, household appliances, telecommunications, electronics, computers, disposables, pharmaceuticals, packaging and entertainment markets. The largest single application of HIPS is packaging, especially in the food industry.

HIPS plastic sheet HIPS application

Polystyrene is one of the oldest industrially produced thermoplastic polymers, a very versatile product with a wide range of uses. The advantages of this bright, pure amorphous plastic are easy processing, rigidity, dimensional stability and transparency. But low impact strength limits its application.

High impact polystyrene is a small amount of polybutadiene grafted onto a polystyrene matrix. It has an "island structure", the matrix is ​​plastic, and the dispersed phase is rubber. Has many features:

1. Impact-resistant polystyrene is a thermoplastic resin.

2. Odorless, tasteless, hard material, good dimensional stability after forming.

3. Excellent high dielectric insulation.

4. It is a non-quality low water absorption material.

5. Its gloss is good and easy to paint.


HIPS impact resistance reasons

Impact-resistant polystyrene is an impact-resistant polystyrene product produced by adding polybutadiene rubber particles to polystyrene. This polystyrene product will add micron-sized rubber particles and link the polystyrene and rubber particles together by grafting. When impacted, the crack propagation tip stress is released by the relatively soft rubber particles. Therefore, the propagation of cracks is hindered, and the impact resistance is improved.


Production process of HIPS

HIPS is produced by two basic processes: batch process and continuous process. Both processes generally use prepolymerization first. After the prepolymerization is completed, the polymerization is continued in suspension in batch processes and in solution in continuous processes. Therefore, the batch process is also called the bulk suspension process, and the continuous process is also called the solution process.


Performance of HIPS

HIPS sheet roll

HIPS has the dimensional stability of general purpose polystyrene (GPPS) with better impact strength and stiffness.

The relative density of HIPS is 1.04~1.06, and the heat distortion temperature is 70~84℃.

The tensile strength of HIPS is about 15~30MPa, and the elongation is 35~60%. It increases with decreasing temperature and increasing strain rate.

The bending strength is 29.4~50 MPa, the impact strength is 0.09~0.16N/M, the Vicat softening point is 84~100℃, and the melt index is 2~9g/10min.

The heat resistance of HIPS parts depends on their shape, production conditions, heat source type and heating duration, and is also affected by the HIPS level.

The properties of HIPS are not affected when exposed to water, alkalis and dilute mineral acids. HIPS are particularly susceptible to damage when exposed to chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons.


Parameters of HIPS plastic sheet

hipsHigh impact polystyrene sheet roll

Width: 300~1400mm

Thickness: 0.2~2.0mm

Weight: 50-150kg/roll

Shape: Roll/Sheet

Material: 100% virgin

Color: Black, White, Color, Natural, Transparent, Translucent.

Performance: Conductive, Antistatic, EOVH High barrier
Surface treatment Matte, high gloss, flocking, etc.

MOQ: 5 tons

Delivery time: 7–15 days


Advantages of HIPS plastic sheet roll

1. Low static electricity generation, suitable for packaging products with low static electricity requirements.

2. It is easy to vacuum form and has good impact resistance.

3. FDA approved the use of 100% virgin resin, which can be directly contacted with food without producing harmful substances.

4. Easy to color processing, can be processed into different colors.

5. Good hardness, can be used as a hot and cold drink cup after thermoforming.

6. Meet environmental protection requirements and can be recycled and reused. When its waste is incinerated, it will not produce harmful substances that harm the environment.


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