PET Plastic Roll With Corona Coating 10^3~10^11

Outline: PET Plastic Roll With Corona Coating applied to the high cleanliness packaging of electronics. Its resistance value type after forming is very stable, it called performance antistatic/conductive PET sheet rolls.

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Features Of PET Plastic Roll With Corona Coating
PET Plastic Roll With Corona Coating is hard polyester fabric, thermoplastic products. There are water based coating PET plastic roll and oil coating PET plastic sheet roll technology. Water coating PET plastic sheet roll is more environment and Water coating PET plastic sheet roll is widely used for high cleanliness electronic packagings for high-end electronic components. The oil coating PET roll is more permanent relatively.. A-PET environment protection film is widely used in cosmetics, food, electronics, toys, printing and other industries packaging. 

Specification of PET Plastic Roll With Corona Coating
PET Plastic Roll With Corona Coating the resistance value of coating PET sheets could reach 10^3~10^11. It is permanent and stabe performance relatively. PET roll products without pollution, crystal, high transparency, good smoothness, strong impact resistance, can widely film according to customer requirements. We also supply anti-fog PP/PS/PET plastic sheet rolls by coating technology. Coaitng PET rolls are very popular overseas. 
  1. Density: 1.34g/cm3
  2. Width: 300~900mm
  3. Thickness: 0.3~2.0mm
  4. Food grade
  5. Color: Any Color
  6. Inner Paper Core: 3'
  7. No silicon
  8. Temperature: 0℃-55℃
  9. Application: Thermoforming food packaging, electronic packaging, cosmetic packaging, medical packaging and hardware packaging.,etc.

Product parameters

Parameters of PET Plastic Roll With Corona Coating
Specification  PET Plastic Roll With Corona Coating
Color Any color Application Electric packaging
Food packaging  Cosmetic&Gifts.
Width 300~900mm Certification SGS,ROHS
Thickness 0.3~1.5mm Warranty 2 years
Category Printing
High cleanliness conductive
Permanent Antistatic polymer
common antistatic.,etc.
Finished goods color Matte/Glossy
Common colors.
Resistance 10^3~10^11Ω MOQ 3 mt
Laminating PP, PS, PET, etc. FOB Price About USD 2000/mt
Packaging Export Plastic Pallet Port Ningbo/Shanghai

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