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Pulixin's Coated Production Line
Coated Technology

A roll of substrate (e.g. PP, PET, PS, etc.) is first coated with a coating device to coat the substrate, then dried to remove the solvent, and finally wound up into a roll for use as a finished or semi-finished product, although this coating technique is relatively simple (we call it the traditional coating method).

PULIXIN focuses on Extrusion Coating to develop related businesses, the unit price of products derived from such technology is at least $50 per square meter, and even some of them can be more than $3,000 per square meter, which is very different from traditional coated products, these substrates are mainly used in the precision electronics industry, and the coating technology occupies about 35% of key technologies.

Pulixin's Unique Coated Technology

Pulixin has exclusive coating technology to enable PP/PS/PET sheet has special feature like anti-static, conductive, heat-sealing, high-barrier. that is Pulixin's strength to provide high-level Coated PP/PS/PET sheet roll as material to production carrier tray for electronic components manufacturer; The appearance of the sheet is black and translucent, permanent conductive, dust-proof, and ultra-high cleanliness; super wearresistance (No dust removal/generated in the standard friction test over 3000 times, effectively avoiding the dust that might generated in the friction between the fray parts and the fray during transportation as to reduce the possibility of secondary pollution on the parts carrying in the forming, Meanwhile ensure no impact on ESD in friction); Superior water resistance (Durable to pure water ulfrasonic water washing ove 300 times without ESD degrading or fading); Strong alcohol wiping resistance (ESD performance won't be Fading);
Pulixin's new workshop for Coating Production

Pulixin Off-Line Coating Workshop

Advanced dust-free production workshop, in order to make the products in a good environmental space production, manufacturing, to achieve the requirements of its precision.
Brand-new workshop, Advanced production line, Professional workers, High quality products, Affordable price, all are indispensable!

Antistatic/Conductive Function Products

Sheets with conductive and antistatic properties are often used in production halls for precision machinery or in the electrical and electronic industry. Main Applications: Electronics, Optical and Medical Industries
Coated For ESD / Conductive function
ESD Antistatic
Resistance Value: 10e6~10e9
Features: Ultra-clean, translucent, washable, friction resistant, alcohol resistant
ESD Performance: 2~4 years
Conductive Dissipasive
Resistance Value: 10e4~10e6
Features: Ultra-clean, translucent, washable, friction resistant, alcohol resistant
ESD Performance: permanent conductive

Main Coated PP PS PET Sheet Applications

The Coated Technology mainly used in Electronics, Optical and Medical Industries. To protects product from damage during transportation. Widely applied in therforming trays for precision electronic components with high requirements for conductivity durability and cleanliness, such as face ID module, camera lens and its components, FPC (flexible circuit board), PCB (printed circuit board), LCD module, chip, RF board, flash memory, modem, transceiver, baseband, high-precision sensor, etc.!
ESC / Conductive PP PS PET Applications