What are the Differences Between PVC Plastic Sheet and PET Plastic Sheet?

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As we all know, PVC plastic sheet and PET plastic sheet are one of the two more commonly used plastic products. Then the question is coming, you know
What are the differences between PVC plastic sheet and PET plastic sheet? How to correctly distinguish between PVC plastic sheet and PET plastic sheet? Now, let me brief you only introduce the relevant knowledge of PVC plastic sheet and PET plastic sheet.

What is the difference between PVC plastic sheet and PET plastic sheet?

1. Different concepts:

PET plastic sheet is the abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate. PVC plastic sheet is the abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride.

2. Different materials:

PET plastic sheet is a transparent material. PVC plastic sheet, with calcium powder.

3. Different appearance:

PET plastic sheet, the surface is transparent. PVC plastic sheet is from transparent to untransparent, and the quality is relatively hard.

4. Different in nature

In the shrink film, PET plastic sheet is the largest (up to 80%), so this material can be used for bottles with complicated shapes, and the temperature is
The contraction changes are relatively gentle.

PVC plastic sheet is currently the most widely used standard film material, with low cost, good permeability and moderate shrinkage.
Potential, but requires high heat source.

5. Different environmental issues

PVC plastic sheet, acid is produced during the combustion process, so it is not helpful to environmental protection. Especially in some countries abroad,
It is prohibited or restricted to use. Therefore, compared with PVC plastic sheet, PET plastic sheet is more environmentally friendly.

6. Different uses

PET plastic sheet, mainly for electronics, automotive and other industries, such as: coil bobbin, TV, lampshade and relay
Device and so on.

PVC plastic sheet, mainly for pipes, toys, doors and windows, stationery, etc.

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Which is better between PVC plastic sheet packaging box and PET plastic sheet packaging box?

1. PET plastic sheet: good performance and high price. PVC plastic sheet: Not environmentally friendly and inexpensive.

2. PVC plastic sheet: Because it contains chlorine, it has certain toxicity and cannot be used for food packaging.

3. PET plastic sheet: good permeability, non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, can be used for beverage bottles, packaging bags, etc.