Difference between GAG blister sheet and PETG blister sheet

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Blister is a blister product (blister tray, blister box) processed from PET/PETG/PP/GAG and other plastic sheets through a vacuum blister forming process. What is the difference between GAG sheet and PETG sheet, which is also a blister sheet?

1. Both GAG plastic sheet and PETG plastic sheet are made of three-layer co-extrusion. Among them, PETG has no crystallization temperature and is easy to form and bond.
2. In terms of temperature, GAG is a medium temperature material, and PETG is a low temperature material.
3. GAG plastic sheet is a composite polyester, a three-layer composite sheet produced by co-extrusion of the middle layer of APET and the upper and lower layers of PETG raw materials in an appropriate proportion, especially suitable for packaging boxes that need to be bonded by high-frequency heat sealing and glue.
PETG plastic sheet is a modified product of PET plastic sheet, mainly to change the crystallization problem of PET. PETG can be heat-sealed at low temperature and welded at high frequency and high frequency, which PET cannot do. PETG is used in all kinds of long-lasting daily necessities, such as cosmetic bottles, perfume bottles, pharmaceutical packaging containers and so on.

PETG sheet roll PETG plastic sheet GAG plastic sheet

Advantages of GAG plastic sheet:

1. Good transparency, the transparency can reach more than 90%, and the texture is good. It is suitable for products requiring high transparency.
2. Excellent impact strength and rigidity, hard and durable material, suitable for high impact strength applications.
3. Excellent workability, it can be processed by sawing, die cutting, drilling and laser cutting, as well as cold bending and hot bending, adhesion, welding and polishing, printing and painting; and cold bending does not whiten, and the appearance is bright.
4. Good thermoformability, can be formed without preheating, high precision, shrinkage rate of about 0.5%; good deep formability, no cracking and uniform thickness.
5. Environmental protection, recyclable and non-polluting to the environment.
6. Food hygiene is excellent, the material is PETG, which can meet all major food regulations.

Advantages of PETG plastic sheet:

1. It has excellent transparency and smoothness, and has a good display effect.
2. Excellent surface decoration performance, can be printed without surface treatment, easy to emboss patterns, easy to metal treatment (vacuum metal plating).
3. Has good mechanical strength.
4. Good barrier properties to oxygen and water vapor.
5. Good chemical resistance, can withstand the erosion of various chemical substances.
6. PETG blister packaging is non-toxic and has reliable hygienic performance. It can be used for the packaging of food, medicine and medical equipment, and can be sterilized by Y-ray.
7. PETG blister packaging has good adaptability to environmental protection, and can be recycled economically and conveniently; when its waste is incinerated, it does not produce harmful substances that endanger the environment. Such sheets are considered to be an ideal packaging material in compliance with (ROSH) environmental protection requirements.

Application of GAG blister sheet:

1. Tray: It can be used for product turnover and inner support.
2. Blister box: It can be directly used in the outer packaging of the product to enhance the sales competitiveness of the product. Common packaging methods include: card blister, heat sealing blister, high-frequency blister, half-fold blister, three-fold blister and so on.
GAG plastic sheet uses

Application of PETG blister sheet:

1. Blister tray: such as food, medicine, sterile packaging, as well as some precision instruments, electronic product packaging, etc.
2. Plastic bottle packaging: such as mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, daily chemical products, etc.
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