ESD HIPS sheet roll For Electronic Packaging

Outline: High impact polystyrene, also known as HIPS, is a thermoplastic material made from elastomer modified polystyrene.Made of rubber and continuous polystyrene phase two phase system, has developed into important polymer products in the world, the universal product in impact performance and machining performance has a very wide range, has the widespread application, such as used in automobiles, instruments, electric products, furniture, household appliances, telecommunications, electronics, computer, disposable supplies, medicine, packaging and entertainment market.

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Features Of ESD HIPS sheet roll For Electronic Packaging

Polystyrene is one of the oldest industrial thermoplastic polymers and a very versatile product with a wide range of applications.This bright, pure amorphous plastic has the advantages of being easy to process, rigid, dimensionally stable and transparent, but its low impact strength limits its use.

High impact polystyrene is a small amount of polybutadiene grafted onto the polystyrene matrix.With "island structure", the matrix is plastic, the dispersed phase is rubber.Has a number of characteristics:

1. Impact resistant polystyrene is a thermal plastic resin;

2. Odorless, tasteless, hard material, good dimensional stability after forming;

3. Excellent high dielectric insulation;

4. It is a non-quality low-water-absorbing material;

5. It has good luster and is easy to paint.

Specification Of ESD HIPS sheet roll For Electronic Packaging

HIPS is produced by two basic processes: batch and continuous.Both processes generally use prepolymerization first.After prepolymerization, the polymerization is continued in suspension form in batch process and in solution form in continuous process.Therefore, intermittent process is also called bulk suspension process, continuous process is also called solution process.
ESD HIPS sheet roll

Product parameters

Parameters Of ESD HIPS sheet roll For Electronic Packaging

HIPS has the dimensional stability of universal polystyrene (GPPS) with better impact strength and rigidity.

The relative density of HIPS was 1.04~1.06, and the thermal deformation temperature was 70~84℃.The tensile strength of HIPS is about 15~30MPa and the elongation is 35~60%.As the temperature decreases and the strain rate increases, it is similar to the rubber toughening system.HIPS is somewhat similar in nature to viscoelastic solids, which creep when exposed to constant tensile stress.Creep decreases with increasing molecular weight and usually increases with increasing rubber content.The creep behavior of HIPS is strongly dependent on average molecular weight (Mw).The bending strength was 29.4~50 MPa, the impact strength was 0.09~0.16N/M, the softening point of veca was 84~100℃, and the melt index was 2~9g/10min.The heat resistance of HIPS components depends on their shape, production conditions, type of heat source and heating duration, and is also affected by HIPS level.

When exposed to water, bases, and dilute inorganic acids, the properties of HIPS are unaffected.It can be swollen by some organic solvents and dissolved by others, depending on the difference in dissolution parameters between the continuous and solvent phases.HIPS are particularly vulnerable to destruction when exposed to chlorocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons.

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