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Rigid PET Film for Thermoforming 0.25mm

Outline: Transparency PET Film Sheets roll applied to the high cleanliness packaging of food tay ,toy packaging.PET sheet roll at resistance value type after forming is very stable.


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Rigid PET Film For Food Container , Food TraysSuper clear appearance
Healthy,does not contain any harmful elements
With good strength and the extensions;
After burning not poison gas discharge, waste easy to handle, in line with the requirements of environmental protection.
Food Grade HIPS Sheet Feature:
• high chemical stability,fine anti-fire,super-transparent.
• high UV.stabilized,good mechanical properties,high hardness and strength,
• well aging resistance,good selfextinguishing property and reliable insulativity.
• waterproof and has very good smooth surface,and is non deformable.
• Anti-stastic,anti-UV,anti-sticky


High Transparency PET roll:
1. The proportion of light: the proportion of PET than PVC 1.33,1.38,3.7% lower proportion
2. High strength: Coating PET Film Sheets roll strength than PVC film is more than 20% higher, low-temperature impact resistance performance is better, -40℃ capability brittle, so we usually use thinner than 10% film to replace PVC.
3. Good folding endurance. Coating PET Film Sheets roll does nor appear crease since crack like PVC, more suitable for the surface decoration of file etc.
4. PET film roll (PVC film with high transparency, especially shiny bluish) than the PVC film is good, more suitable for the exquisite packaging.
5. PET roll products without pollution, crystal, high transparency, good smoothness, strong impact resistance, can widely film according to customer requirements.

Product parameters

Material: Polyester
Type: Adhesive Film
Thickness: 0.2mm to 1.25
Core Diameter: 3"  6"
Color: Transurent/Transparent
Surface: Gloosy/Matte
Max Width: 1500mm
Max Length: 500m/Roll
Certificate: ROHS
Packing:  pe film+karft paper+pallet
Place of Original: Shanghai   China