Wholesale Custom UV Coated Petg Sheet Online Factory Price

Outline: Pulixin factory offers a large number of petg sheets for sale online, you can get UV coated petg sheet for thermoforming products with us. Using the high quality petg raw material, advanced technology and exclusive product design, we can make sure that you can use our petg sheets easily and happily. So far, we have gained 39 product patents for new design, sincerely hope to have a mutual benefit business with you soon. Any question or inquiry about our product or service, please feel free to let us know, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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What Can PETG be Used for ?

Using conventional molding methods, transparent materials with a thickness of 1~25.4mm can be prepared, with outstanding toughness and high impact strength. Its impact strength is 3~10 times that of modified polyacrylates, excellent molding properties, and cold bending. No whitening, no cracks, easy to print and decorate, widely used in indoor and outdoor signs, storage racks, vending machine panels, furniture, construction and mechanical baffles, etc.

PETG cards are mainly used in Europe, but they have also been increasingly used in North America and Asia. The reason is that it has a wide processing range, high mechanical strength and excellent flexibility. Compared with PVC, it has high transparency, good gloss, easy printing and environmental protection advantages.
PETG materials are used in credit cards. Visa is one of the largest credit card companies in the world, with 580 million cards issued worldwide in 1998. The company has approved glycol modified polyester (PETG) as its credit card material. For countries that require card materials to be more environmentally friendly, PETG can replace polyvinyl chloride materials. Visa also pointed out: The results from 3 different pilot plants show that PETG meets all the requirements of the international credit card standard (150/IEC7810), so PETG cards may be widely used here.

Profile:Formable pipes or various profiles, the products are hard, transparent, good gloss, not white under pressure, easy to form and post-processing, meet environmental protection requirements, and meet the US FDA food contact standards, widely used in building decoration and materials .
Film: It is specially used for high-performance shrink film, with a shrinkage rate of more than 70%, and can be made into packaging of complex shape containers. It has high plasticity, high transparency, high gloss, low haze, easy to print, not easy to fall off, The advantages of low natural shrinkage during storage are used in beverage bottles, food and chemicals; shrink packaging of Lingpin and shrink labels of electronic products. Which biaxially stretched. PETG film is suitable for high-end packaging, printing, electronic appliances, cable wrapping, insulating materials and high-quality substrates in various industrial fields. Uniaxially stretched PET and heat shrinkable films are suitable for all kinds of canned, polyester bottles, various containers and other external labels. Compared with PVC shrink film, PETG shrink film also has the advantages of environmental protection.

Bottle use: improve the low toughness of traditional polyester beverage bottles, especially suitable for manufacturing large-volume thick-walled transparent containers, highly transparent, not easy to break, easy to surface modification, meet the US FDA food contact standards, can be used in food and medical products, etc. field. In terms of beer plastic packaging, EASTMAN produces a new environmentally friendly plastic packaging beer bottle for Asahi. It uses Eastal copolyester film as a sealed packaging material. Its shape is silver-black, with a black hole belt pull ring on the neck. The cap can block light, isolate the air, ensure the quality of beer, and has the explosion-proof function to prevent fragments from splashing when the bottle is broken, and the shrinkage performance is superior. Since Asahi adopted this packaging material, sales of Super Dry and Dunk beer have increased significantly.

Cosmetic packaging:PETG has glass-like transparency and density close to glass, good gloss, chemical resistance, impact resistance, and is easy to process. It can be injection molded, injection stretch blow molding and extrusion blow molding. It can also produce unique shapes, appearances and special effects, such as bright colors, matte, marble texture, metallic luster, etc. Moreover, other polyester, elastic plastic or ABS can be used for overlapping injection molding.
Products include perfume bottles and caps, cosmetic bottles and caps, lipstick tubes, cosmetic boxes, deodorant packaging, talcum powder bottles and eyeliner pen sets. PETG injection products include medical devices such as filters, Eustachian tubes, tube connectors, pumps, clamps, and dialysis equipment. Household utensils such as cups, salad bowls, salt shakers, pepper shakers, etc., have excellent transparency, gloss, good toughness, processability and excellent colorability.
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6.We own 39 Patents for new products.

Product Name

Wholesale Custom UV Coated Petg Sheet Online Factory Price


PET vacuum forming material , 100% raw material 


Transparent,black,green or any customized color

Thickness Tolerance

According to GB (higher than GB)


Vacuum forming packaging, Printing, Bending, Folding box, Cards,etc.


300~1400mm or Customized


0.15~3mm or Customized

Special Treatment

Metalized, Anti-UV, Waterproof, Antistatic,  Anti-fog, Frosted, Cold resistance, Heat resistance, Double-sided Matte, Conductive.


1.High temperature resistance, not easily melted
2.Easy to peel off and no residue requirement
Printable, good inking effect
4.Widely used in food and drug industry
5.Uniform thickness, smooth surface/beautiful sand ripples
6.No grains, contamination control and good processing performance

Sample Time

1-3 days

Delivery Methods

Ocean shipping ,air transportation, express,land transportation

Payment Term

Credit card ,T/T,L/C,Western Union,Paypal

Mass Production Lead Time

3-15 days depend on order quantity



Core Diameter

3 inch or 6 inch depend on customer requirement


Packing in rolls and plastic pallet,pp woven with PE film and strape on pallet for each roll 

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Company Profile

Company Type: Manufacturer

1) Establish Year: 2009

2) Start make export year: 2009    

3) Factory area: 5000 square meter

4) Patent: Own Many Product Patents

5) Total Employees: 50–100 People

6) Production Line Capacity: 1000 Metric Tons/Year

7) No. of Production Lines: Above 10

8) Certifications: Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system authentication and ROHS authentication.

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Product parameters

Wholesale Custom UV Coated Petg Sheet Online Factory Price

PET Sheet Roll PROPERTY UNIT SA Coated Print Level Antiblock Silicon Free Antistatic Silicon Free ESD Conductive
THICKNESS OF FILM TESTED mm 0.13~ 1.8 0.3~0.6 0.13~1.8 0.25~1.8 0.25~1.8 0.25~1.8
WIDTH mm 350~ 1400 350~ 1300 600~ 1400 600~ 1400 600~ 1400 600~ 1400
DIAMETER   300~ 800 300~ 800 300~ 800 300~ 800 300~ 800 300~ 800
DENSITY g/cm3 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35
HAZE % 0.7(0.3mm) 0.7(0.3mm) 0.8(0.3mm) 2.0(0.3mm) 2.0(0.3mm) 2.0(0.3mm)
TOTAL LIGHT TRANSMITTANCE % 92(0.3mm) 91(0.3mm) 91(0.3mm) 89(0.3mm) 89(0.3mm) 89(0.3mm)
MD kg/cm2 >450 >450 >450 >450 >450 >450
TD kg/cm2 >450 >450 >450 >450 >450 >450
MD kg/cm2 >17000 >17000 >17000 >17000 >17000 >17000
TD kg/cm2 >17000 >17000 >17000 >17000 >17000 >17000
ELONGATION @YILED              
MD % >3.0 >3.0 >3.0 >3.0 >3.0 >3.0
TD % >3.0 >3.0 >3.0 >3.0 >3.0 >3.0
DART IMPACT              
LOAD CELL 15KN DIACLAMP g/mm >1600 >1600 >1600 >1600 >1600 >1600
CRYSTAL TEMPERATURE (℃) 125 125 125 125 125 125
MELITING TEMPERATURE 248 248 248 248 248 248 248
RECRYSTAL TEMPERATURE (℃) 181 181 181 181 181 181
(50%±2%)   (25℃)
(Ω)       109-1011 106-109 <106
Dyne--SURFACE     38-40