Performance and application of anti-static PP plastic sheet

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Polypropylene is a thermoplastic resin obtained by the polymerization of propylene, referred to as PP. Polypropylene has good heat resistance, and the products can be sterilized at temperatures above 100 ° C, and will not deform at 150 ° C under the condition of no external force. The chemical stability of polypropylene is very good, in addition to being corroded by concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, it is relatively stable to various other chemical reagents.

Polypropylene is suitable for making various chemical pipelines and fittings, and has good anti-corrosion effect. Polypropylene has a high dielectric coefficient, and with the rise of temperature, it can be used to make heated electrical insulation products. It also has a high breakdown voltage and is suitable for use as electrical accessories, etc. It has good resistance to voltage and arc, but the antistatic effect of PP plastic is usually not ideal.

PP plastic sheet roll
With the demand for sheets, people need more sheets with special functions, and conductive sheets are such a special material. As the name suggests, the conductive sheet has a certain conductivity and can play a role in some special places.

PP anti-static plastic sheet is based on PP raw material, adding carbon black, metal fiber, permanent anti-static masterbatch, etc. It can achieve anti-static, static dissipation, conductive and electromagnetic wave interference (EMI) functions. The conductive anti-static PP plastic sheet has the characteristics of non-toxicity, light weight, low water absorption, good surface gloss, easy processing, excellent mechanical properties, bending fatigue resistance, good toughness, weather resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance and stability. and other performance.

The use of PP conductive plastic:

(1) The thermoforming products of PP anti-static plastic sheet are used as anti-static turnover boxes, IC and LCD trays, IC packages, IC and LCD trays, IC packages, etc. in the fields of electronics and electrical appliances. Wafer carriers, film bags, etc.

(2) Shells and structural parts for explosion-proof products, such as shells and structural parts of electrical products used in coal mines, oil tankers, oil fields, dust and combustible gases.

(3) Transportation packaging, electronic appliances, automobiles, communications, medical equipment, mine safety, etc.

(4) Semi-conductive shielding material used in medium and high voltage cables.

(5) Telecommunications. Computers, automation systems, industrial resistance products, consumer electronic products, automotive electronic products and other fields of electrical products EMI shielding shells, etc.

PP plastic sheet uses

Features and advantages of PP conductive sheet produced by PULIXIN:

1. Surface resistance: The conductivity of the ultra-thin conductive treatment layer is 104-109, and the corresponding surface resistance is made according to customer requirements.

2. Stability: The conductive sheet has a stable conductive function, does not change with temperature and humidity, and can be reused or recycled without losing anti-static properties.

3. Reliability: The polymer synthesis technology avoids adding errors or uneven coating, and has good processability. After conductive treatment, it does not affect the performance of printing and molding.

4. Cleanliness: PP printing products do not lose powder after blistering, environmental protection, no harmful substances, no corrosive and volatile gases, and are resistant to cleaning.

5. Flexibility: PP conductive sheet can be compounded on a variety of materials.

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