What is PET plastic sheet?

Source:pulixin By Administrator Posted:2022-04-14
PET plastic sheet is a new type of plastic product developed in recent years. This is a thermoplastic ring-wrapped plastic product, which is odorless and tasteless after burning, and does not produce toxic gas.

PET sheet has high transparency, no water ripple, no crystallization point, no directionality, no whiteness, strong oil resistance and chemical resistance, good toughness and rigidity, and good impact resistance (low temperature impact resistance is also better than pvc). 20% higher).
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PET material has good blocking properties, high transparency, high impact resistance, good cold resistance, and is not easy to be broken. High strength, not afraid of friction, excellent material performance, special PET sheet also has unique properties: low temperature heat sealing, high temperature resistance, anti-mirror electricity.

Advantages of PET sheet

1. Bending resistance, good performance, high impact strength, several times that of ordinary materials.

2. Not easy to react with other chemicals.

3. Water, liquid, edible oil and gas are easily blocked and not easily penetrated.

4. Transparent color, anti-ultraviolet penetration.

5. No taste, non-toxic, can be directly used for food packaging.

6. The product has good transparency, small specific gravity, good surface gloss, bright color, less crystal point and water ripple, and has the characteristics of toughness, impact resistance, chemical resistance and easy processing.

PET blister packaging

Blister is a plastic processing technology. The main principle is that after heating and softening the flat plastic hard sheet, vacuum is used to adsorb it on the surface of the mold, and it is formed after cooling. It is widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries.
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The sheets used for blister packaging are called rigid sheets or films, and commonly used PET (polyethylene terephthalate) rigid sheets, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) rigid sheets, and PS (polystyrene) rigid sheets.

Advantages of transparent PET blister packaging

1. The transparent PET sheet has excellent packaging effect, and its surface can directly process various special printing effects such as hot stamping, hot silver, metallic color, frosted, three-dimensional grating, cloth grain, wood grain and leather grain. Pulixin provides high-quality plastic sheets such as PP/PS/PET, which can be used for thermoforming to make various types of blister packaging.

2. The transparent blister box is easy to form, the square is straight, the supporting force is strong, the packaging is time-saving, and labor costs can be saved. Blister box folding box products have good advantages in terms of manufacturing cost and production speed.

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3. The transparent plastic box has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and impact resistance. The plastic box has high mechanical strength and can protect the product well.

4. The transparent PET sheet plastic box allows consumers to directly see the products inside, so that the products can be better displayed in front of customers. It is helpful for the promotion of the product, and it can leave a deeper image for customers, so as to stand out on the shelf.

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5. The transparent PET sheet blister box packaging can design various color patterns and different shapes of blister boxes to improve the grade of the product and the competitiveness of the product.

6. The transparent blister box is packed in flat folds and wrapped with protective film, which can avoid the scratches, bending deformation, damage and other bad situations of the blister box during transportation. It also reduces transportation costs.

PET sheet application field

1. In terms of plastic films: such as food, medicine, and sterile items packaging films; as well as some precision instruments, electronic product packaging, and large-scale machinery body packaging films.

2. Plastic bottle packaging: such as bottled water, mineral water, beverage bottles, daily oil, condiment bottles, daily chemical products, etc.

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3. Precision instruments for home appliances: such as electronic link lines, integrated circuits, various switch casings, control open casings, TV accessories, etc.

4. Machinery and equipment in the chemical industry: machine parts, chains, frames, etc.

5. PET material has good ductility and strong isolation, so it will be used in medical treatment, it will not penetrate, and it can isolate viruses. Due to the stability of its nano-molecular structure in post-production, it can play a role in isolation and protection.