Application scope of PP sheet packaging

Source:pulixin By Administrator Posted:2022-03-29
PP sheet technology products are widely used in packaging, acrylic light box, lampshade production, industrial plastics, sheet packaging shell and plastic accessories. Because it is widely used and recognized by many consumers, what is the working principle of PP sheet packaging products?

pp sheet packing products
Through the processing of sheet products such as food sheet tray with plastic, the flat plastic hard sheet material is fully generated after heating and softening, adsorbed on the mold surface with vacuum, and then cooled and formed. The result is the shape we want.

PP sheet packaging products are divided into two categories in terms of function:
One is a transparent series for the purpose of displaying, maintaining and beautifying products. The packaged products are mostly small commodities, which are placed or hung on the shelves of supermarkets, and the materials selected are mostly pet and PP with good transparency.

The products include: mask, card inserting bubble shell, card absorbing bubble shell, heat sealing double bubble shell, half double bubble shell and transparent folding box.
pp sheet clear

The other is the tray and sheet box series for the purpose of maintenance, separation, shockproof and foil. The packaged products are mostly electronic, it, industrial parts and cosmetics, and the selected materials are mostly PP (color, antistatic, flocking, etc.).

Products include: tray, inner support, sheet box, flocking sheet, antistatic sheet, conductive sheet tray, turnover tray, etc.

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In recent years, the combination of these two types of sheet packaging products has produced new packaging types: bottom cover and sandwich packaging, in which the "surface" of the bottom cover adopts PET material with good transparency and the bottom adopts PP material, which not only plays the maintenance function of the container, but also plays an intuitive effect.

Through the above introduction, we have a deeper understanding of the principle of PP sheet packaging products. Sheet products are widely used in various occupations, such as electronics, food, electrical appliances, hardware tools, cosmetics, toys, daily necessities, medicine, health products, automobiles, stationery, sporting goods and so on.