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Thermoformed HIPS Black Conductive Sheet Roll 10^4~10^6

Outline: Thermoformed HIPS Black Conductive Sheet Roll mainly used in electronic packaging. We produce volume conductive HIPS sheet roll and surface conductive HIPS sheet roll two kinds according to client's request.


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Features Of Thermoformed HIPS Black Conductive Sheet Roll
The HIPS black conductive sheet roll divide to three kinds basis on different resistance value when thermoforming electronic packagings.
a.Antistatic HIPS Black sheet roll                    10^9~10^11Ω
b.Conductive HIPS Black sheet roll                  10^4~10^6Ω
c.Semi-conductive HIPS Black sheet roll         10^6~10^8Ω
black conductive hips sheet

Performance Parameters Of HIPS Black Sheet Roll:
Specific gravity: 1.04g / cm
Tensile strength: Longitudinal ≥26MPa
Horizontal transverse 24≥MPa Impact strength (no cut): 18KJ / m2
Performance conforms to: GB9689 standard

Performance Parameters Of Transparent PS Sheet Roll:
Specific gravity: 1.04 / cm
Tensile strength: longitudinal ≥26MPa
transverse 24≥MPa
impact strength (no cut): 18KJ / m2
imensional change in heat (vertical and horizontal) <4%
light transmittance : ≥85%
Hygienic performance meets: GB9689 standard

Product parameters

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