Wholesale Cheap Esd Hips Plastic Sheet for Thermoforming

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Description of high thermal conductivity ESD HIPS plastics sheet roll for thermoforming

PS conductive sheet is a kind of material in the board industry. It is a plate-shaped plastic sheet with certain conductivity. PS conductive sheet can be applied in many fields and has a very wide range of uses. For example, it is used to make some plastic protective covers, like switches on some electronic products. Do you know what kind of performance PS conductive sheet has? Let us PS conductive sheet manufacturer tell you.

a. Mechanical properties: high strength, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, and small creep (very little change under high temperature conditions);

b. Heat aging resistance: the enhanced UL temperature index reaches 120~140℃ (long-term outdoor aging is also very good);

c. Solvent resistance: no stress cracking;

d. Water stability: easy to decompose in contact with water (use caution in high temperature and high humidity environments);

e. Insulation performance: excellent (it can maintain stable electrical performance even under humidity and high temperature, it is an ideal material for manufacturing electronic and electrical parts);

f. Molding processability: injection molding or extrusion molding by ordinary equipment. Due to the fast crystallization speed and good fluidity, the mold temperature is also lower than other engineering plastics.

Because the PS conductive sheet has so many excellent properties, it can be used in various fields, get a very wide range of applications, and realize its own value. The heat resistance of PS conductive sheet makes it can be used to make switch parts of electronic products, so that electronic products will be more heat-resistant.

Specification of high thermal conductivity ESD HIPS plastics sheet roll for thermoforming

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