volume conductive dissipative HIPS plastic forming sheet roll

Outline: High impact polystyrene, also known as HIPS, is a thermoplastic material made from elastomer modified polystyrene.Made of rubber and continuous polystyrene phase two phase system, has developed into important polymer products in the world, the universal product in impact performance and machining performance has a very wide range, has the widespread application, such as used in automobiles, instruments, electric products, furniture, household appliances, telecommunications, electronics, computer, disposable supplies, medicine, packaging and entertainment market. Because of its convenience and low cost, HIPS is widely used in many appliances and industries.Major industries and markets include packaging, disposable goods, appliances and consumer appliances, toys and entertainment goods, construction products and decorations.The largest single application of HIPS is packaging, particularly in the food industry, which accounts for over 30% of worldwide consumption.

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volume conductive dissipative HIPS plastic forming sheet roll
Polystyrene is one of the oldest industrially produced thermoplastic polymers and is a very versatile product with a wide range of uses.The advantages of this bright, pure, amorphous plastic include ease of processing, rigidity, dimensional stability, and transparency, but its low impact strength limits its application.
High impact polystyrene is a small amount of polybutadiene grafted onto the polystyrene matrix.It has "island structure", the matrix is plastic, and the dispersed phase is rubber.It has many characteristics:
1. Impact resistant polystyrene for thermal plasticity resin;
2. No odor, tasteless, hard material, good dimensional stability after forming;
3. Excellent high dielectric insulation;
4. Non-quality low-absorbent materials;
5. Its luster is good and easy to paint.
What you want is HIPS roll, right?
thickness: 0.3~2mm
width: 300~900mm
colour: black, white, transparent, pink, blue, any colour you want
application: for packaging what kind of products after thermoforming?
resistance requirement: how many Ω?
MOQ: our MOQ is 5000Kg, how about your initial order quantity and yearly quantity, how many Kgs?

Product parameters

volume conductive dissipative HIPS plastic forming sheet roll
Natural Colour PS data sheet

Test Item

Test method



Specific gravity
ASTM D792 g/cm3 1.04

Impact Strength         
ASTM D256 mpa 38

Tensile Strength
ASTM D638 mpa 27

Heat Deflection Temperature
ASTM D648 85

Flexural Strength
ASTM D790 mpa 36


ASTM D257 Ω /