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Glossy HIPS roll for thermoformed packaging of hardware

Outline: Extrusion molding is the main processing method of transparent PS sheet and hairable PS sheet. It can produce special-shaped parts or sheet. The product can be used directly and made into other products by thermal molding.


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Features of Glossy HIPS roll for thermoformed packaging of hardware
Transparent PS sheet extruded products have floodlight diffuser, glass, or biaxial direction after the production of snack plate.Case transparent window and bubble - shaped packaging.These products have excellent transparency, transparent PS sheet can foam to produce fast food packaging boxes, egg boxes, plates, bowls, cups and trays.Foamed polystyrene sheets are used as building slats and insulation, and can be blended with some rubber to produce products with high transparency and impact resistance.In order to improve the gloss of sheet and final product, transparent PS sheet can be co-extruded with impact-resistant PS sheet by co-extrusion molding.There are single-layer sheet products, can be co-squeezed into more than 9 layers, but the common sheet in 4 layers.
Specification Of Glossy HIPS roll for thermoformed packaging of hardware

Extrusion/thermoforming products include disposable items such as cups, plates, LIDS, multi-purpose or single-purpose food containers found in everyday life and supermarkets, as well as medical and restaurant dishes, packaging materials and many other items.The properties of the co-extrusion products can be improved, such as the resistance to environmental stress cracking (ESCR), resistance to permeability, apparent mass, physical properties, etc.The co-extrusion product with polyolefin coated on PS sheet has been commercialized and its resistance to environmental stress cracking and water vapor transmissibility have been successfully improved.

Polystyrene injection molding is also a widely used processing method.Transparent PS sheet and impact-resistant PS sheet are used for the manufacture of electrical appliances, toys, household items, medical supplies, catering supplies, packaging materials.Instruments and office supplies, etc.Transparent PS sheet can be processed into office supplies, CD storage box, large cup, display cabinet, tools and toys, etc., impact resistance PS sheet injection molding products have toys, medical supplies, electrical equipment parts and shell and other supplies.Many electrical products need to use flame retardant grade impact PS sheet.Injection blow molding and extrusion blow molding can produce medicine bottles and other bottles, household packaging and decorative materials.

The molding products of hair - able polystyrene include cup, refrigerator, traditional packaging and floating life-saving appliance.The largest applications of flame retardant grade foamable polystyrene are as building materials and insulation materials.The precursors of the hair - able polystyrene can be used to make granular - filled upholstered chairs and loose fillers.
Glossy HIPS roll for thermoformed packaging of hardware

Product parameters

Parameters of Glossy HIPS roll for thermoformed packaging of hardware
Test Item
Test method
Specific gravity
ASTM D792 g/cm3 1.05
Impact Strength         
ASTM D256 mpa 35
Tensile Strength
ASTM D638 mpa 29
Heat Deflection Temperature
ASTM D648 85
Flexural Strength
ASTM D790 mpa 36
Visual Inspection / Any color
ASTM D257 Ω 10^9

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