HIPS plastic sheet roll

Outline: HIPS plastic sheet roll is not influenced by temperature and relative humidity. It is laminated by nano-sized and base materials, and its surface is super clear.It is applied to the packaging of LCD with high cleanliness.

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Description of HIPS plastic sheet roll 

HIPS plastic sheet roll  is easy to thermoform. The thermoforming temperature should be 130 to 150 degrees Celsius.
The draw ratio is 5: 1, which is higher for deep thermoformed products.

Because of its susceptibility to moisture, hips plastic sheet roll is recommended to be stored neatly at room temperature in a dry and
well-ventilated warehouse to prevent moisture.

Usage period: The storage period is 9 months. In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended to use within 4 months.

At present, hips plastic sheet roll has partially replaced the expensive ABS material. Wide operating temperature range (about -20 ° C to 100 ° C),
light specific gravity (1.03Kg / l, the same specifications, the same weight of HIPS sheet is 34% longer than PVC), good plastic processing performance, can adapt to large stretch Complex blister.
Can be widely used in: light boxes, advertising, plastic, silk screen, model materials, insulation materials, etc.

HIPS plastic sheet roll has low density (light weight), environmental protection and non-toxic, very good plasticity, poor toughness and brittleness,
can not be made into a transparent material, so it can only be made into a base type blister.

Specifications of HIPS plastic sheet roll 

1. Safe storage of ESD sensitive devices     
2. Permanently static dissipative   
3. No migration, no contamination   
4.  Humidity independent   
5. Coating with Btree's ESD agent   
6. Color: Black&White   
7. Recyclable   
8. Available in rolls & plates.     
9. Maximum width: 900mm, thickness: 0.3-2.0mm

HIPS plastic sheet roll has high impact strength and toughness, can be colored arbitrarily, and has good moldability, chemical resistance, and electrical properties.
Polystyrene modified by rubber has greatly improved impact strength and toughness.

Product parameters

Parameters of HIPS Plastic sheet roll 
Item Conductive  Dissipative  Antistatic  Normal 
Density 1.06g/cm 1.06g/cm 1.06g/cm 1.06g/cm
Thickness 0.3mm~2.0mm  0.3mm~2.0mm  0.3mm~2.0mm  0.3mm~2.0mm 
Color  Black  Nature, Black  Nature, Black  Transparent, Nature, Black 
S. R.  104-6  106-8  109-11  ≥1012 
Max. Width 680mm  810mm  810m  810mm 
 Max. Weight                    (±0.5kg)  125kg  125kg  125kg  125kg 

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