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blister packaging material PP plastic film roll

Outline: blister packaging material PP plastic film roll always are applied in thermoformed packaging of the industries of electronics, food, cosmetics, medical, hardware & tool, printing and so on.


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 Description of blister packaging material PP plastic film roll 

Blister packaging material PP plastic film roll is made of polypropylene resin material as the main raw material,
added various process color masterbatches, toughening agents and brighteners, and is made by mixing,
plasticizing extrusion, three-roll calendering, cooling, traction and winding .

PP sheet has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, hygienic, high mechanical strength and good barrier properties.

It can be used for packaging in industry, agriculture, fruit and other industries.
The surface of the tray made of PP non-slip sheet is smooth and beautiful, which is welcomed by users.
PP sheet is also suitable for the packaging of highly cold-resistant frozen foods, such as ice cream packaging, dumpling tray packaging and so on.
Specifications of blister packaging material PP plastic film roll 

Thickness: 0.3-2mm
Max Width:300~ 900mm
Color:Customized color
Raw Material:100% raw material 
Grade:Food Grade Packaging
Sample:A4 size or free provide 10kg for test quality
Applicaion Industry:Food packaging,electronic packing,cosmetic packaging,toy packaging
Mold temperature:160℃-220℃
Molding shrinkage:1.0%-2.5%
Heat deflection temperature: 80℃-100℃, Good cracking resistance, High bending fatigue life, light weight,
                                                   good toughness, excellent chemical resistance.

Product parameters

Parameters of  blister packaging material PP plastic film roll 
Specification  PP Sheet Polypropylene Sheet roll 
Color Any color Application Electric packaging
Food packaging  Cosmetic&Gifts.
Width 300~900mm Certification SGS,ROHS,TDS,MSDS
Thickness 0.3~1.5mm Warranty 2 years
Category Printing
Food grade
High cleanliness conductive
Permanent Antistatic polymer
common antistatic.,etc.
Finished goods color Matte/Glossy
Common colors.
Resistance 10^3~10^8Ω MOQ 1 ton
Laminating PE, CPP, OPS, etc. Price Based on detailed specification
Packaging Pallet Port Ningbo/Shanghai

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