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What is PETG plastic sheet?

What is PETG ?

Polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as PETG or PET-G, is a thermoplastic polyester that offers excellent chemical resistance, durability and ease of molding. Due to the low forming temperature, PETG can be easily vacuum formed, pressure formed and thermally bent. This makes it especially popular in manufacturing involving thermoforming. It is also FDA compliant so it can be used in medical and food applications.

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PETG plastic sheet

PETG plastic sheet

  • Brand: PULIXIN
  • Origin: Shanghai, China
  • Width: 300-1400mm
  • Barrier material: PETG plastic sheet
  • Processing methods: Lamination / Multilayer co-extrusion
  • Thickness: 0.2-2.0mm
  • Weight: 50-150kg/roll
  • Shape: Roll/Sheet
  • Color:  Transparent/Custom color
  • MOQ: 5tons

Benefits of PETG Plastic Sheet

PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol-Modified) plastic sheets have gained popularity in various industries due to their unique combination of properties and benefits. Here are some of the key advantages of PETG plastic sheets.

1. Transparency: PETG plastic sheets offer excellent clarity and transparency, making them suitable for applications where visibility or aesthetics are important. This optical clarity is often superior to other plastics like PVC or acrylic.

2. Impact Resistance: PETG plastic sheets is highly impact-resistant, even more so than acrylic and polycarbonate. It can withstand significant force without shattering or cracking, making it a safer choice in some applications.

3. Chemical Resistance: PETG plastic sheet is resistant to many chemicals, including acids and alkalis, which makes it suitable for use in environments where exposure to corrosive substances is a concern.

4. FDA Compliance: PETG plastic sheet is considered food-safe and is approved by the FDA for use in food-contact applications. This makes it a suitable material for items like food packaging, trays, and display cases.

5. Low Water Absorption: PETG plastic sheet has low water absorption, which means it doesn’t readily absorb moisture from the environment. This property helps maintain its dimensional stability over time.

6. Recyclability: PETG plastic sheet is recyclable and can be melted down and reprocessed into new sheets or other plastic products. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice for some applications.

7. UV Resistance: PETG plastic sheets has good UV resistance, which means it can be used in outdoor applications without significant degradation or yellowing over time.

8. Thermoforming Capabilities: PETG plastic sheet can be easily thermoformed into complex shapes at relatively low temperatures, making it a preferred choice for applications requiring intricate designs or curved surfaces.

9. Cost-Effective: PETG plastic sheet is often more cost-effective than alternatives like polycarbonate or acrylic, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious projects.

10. High-Performance Properties: PETG plastic sheet combines many desirable properties, such as high strength, low weight, and excellent electrical insulation, making it suitable for a wide range of applications across different industries.

Applications of PETG Plastic Sheet

Due to its ease of thermoforming and chemical resistance, PETG plastic sheet has a variety of uses. It is commonly used in disposable and reusable beverage bottles, cooking oil containers, and FDA-compliant food storage containers.

PETG plastic sheet is also widely used in the medical field; its rigid structure allows it to withstand harsh sterilization processes, making it the perfect material for medical implants as well as packaging for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

PETG plastic sheet has excellent layer adhesion and is odorless when printed. It also has very low shrinkage properties, while at the same time it is very strong and very chemically resistant. This enables it to print objects that can withstand high temperatures, food-safe applications and special impact forces.

PETG plastic sheet is often the material of choice for point-of-sale booths and other retail displays. Because PETG material is easy to manufacture in a variety of shapes and colors, businesses often use PETG material to create eye-catching signage to attract customers.

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