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Color PP Sheet Roll for Blister Packaging

Pulixin is an excellent and leading plastic sheet Manufacturer & factory in China. We have advanced technology and equipment, mature foreign trade and export experience, and have established good cooperative relations with customers in more than 60 countries. Free samples supply, OEM & ODM accepted

  • Brand: PULIXIN
  • Origin: Shanghai, China
  • MOQ: 5 tons
  • Thickness: 0.18~2mm
  • Width: 300~1400mm
  • Application: Thermoforming
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    Thickness: 0.18-2.0mm
    Size: 300mm-1400mm
    Color: natural color, white, black, any color
    Applications: Thermoformed food packaging, cup lids, electronic trays

    PP plastic sheet roll

    Product description

    High-transparency polypropylene (PP) blister sheet has the advantages of environmental protection and beauty, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, high transparency, bending resistance, FDA food safety standards, and microwaveability. PP plastic sheet is produced by mixing, plastic plasticizing extrusion, three-roll calendering, cooling, pulling, winding and other processes, and can be made into various products through secondary processing such as thermoforming. PP plastic sheet is suitable for food packaging boxes, fruit and vegetable trays, fresh trays, electronic trays, disposable cups, electronic packaging and other products.

    PP plastic sheet roll uses

    PP sheet is not only non-toxic, odorless, hygienic, high mechanical strength, good resistance, but also recyclable. It does not produce toxic and harmful gases when heated or burned, does not harm human health, and does not corrode equipment. It is a new type of green packaging material.

    Polypropylene is most commonly used in plastic moldings, where it is injected into molds in the molten state to form complex shapes such as caps, bottles and accessories at relatively low cost and high volume. Widely used in making stationery folders, packaging, storage boxes.

    Features of Color PP plastic sheet

    1. Widely used in medical, food packaging, electronic product packaging, etc.
    2. PP is today’s environmentally friendly material, most commonly used in the food packaging industry.
    3. High-quality high-quality pp material, excellent light transmittance. The true beauty of the colors remains after PP printing.
    4. PP material can be dyed in different colors according to customer needs.
    5. PP sheet has the smallest density among all sheets.
    6. PP plastic sheet has good thermal stability and high air tightness.

    PP plastic sheet rolls


    PP plastic sheet parameters

    Product Name

    Thermoforming Polypropylene Sheet


    100% virgin PP raw material


    Natural, Color, Black, White, Transparent, Translucent, etc.


    SGS, ROHS, ISO, etc.


    Medical grade, food grade and conductive grade








    Mainly applied to the packaging of food, medicine, electronics, cosmetics, gifts, etc.

    Sample Time

    1-3 days

    Delivery Methods

    Ocean shipping ,air transportation, express,land transportation

    Payment Term

    Credit card ,T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal


    Transparency, Semi-transparency, Opaque




    By roll or cut sheet form

    Why choose PULIXIN?

    PULIXIN is an excellent PP plastic sheet manufacturer in China. Our multi-layer co-extrusion equipment can produce transparent, two-color, single-color, full-color and various PP sheets. PP sheet is suitable for food packaging, electronic trays, disposable cups, electronic packaging, disposable tableware and other products. Our company can also produce special sheets for PP cup making machines, which are suitable for disposable water cups, milk tea, jelly cups, packaging boxes and other container products. This PP plastic sheet can be resistant to microwaves, low temperature, high transparency, and can withstand greater stretching.

    Our Factory
    PULIXIN is an excellent leading PP plastic sheet roll manufacturer in China. Our factory covers an area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters and has 4 rigid polypropylene sheet production lines with international advanced equipment. It can produce 3,000-5,000 tons of PP plastic sheets per month, and the maximum storage capacity exceeds 10,000 tons.
    PP sheet roll factory

    Our Service
    We accept any type of custom design from customers.
    We can design according to customer’s requirements and produce various colors and sizes.
    We can provide OEM service for customers.
    We will give you the best products, the best prices, and 100% quality assurance.
    We have a professional international sales and service team. Quick quotes, answers to questions.

    Quality Inspection
    100% raw materials, all materials are environmentally friendly.
    Strict quality inspection procedures are implemented to ensure that the delivered PP plastic sheets meet the production needs of customers.
    PP plastic sheet quality inspection

    Fast delivery
    PP sheet rolls can generally be produced and delivered within 7-15 days.
    PP sheet rolls


    Product parameters

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