Embedded 10^4 ohms conductive hips plastic film roll

Outline: The surface resistance value of embedded conductive hips plastic sheet roll is usually around 10^4 ohms.

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Description of Embedded 10^4 ohms conductive hips plastic film roll 
HIPS plastic sheet roll can replace ABS in some fields, and the main application areas are packaging materials, disposable items, instruments,
household appliance shells, toys, entertainment supplies, and the construction industry.

⒈All kinds of shells: HIPS plastic sheet roll is widely used in the shells of TVs, recorders, vacuum cleaners, telephones, air conditioners, washing machines, copiers, lighting appliances, instruments, automobiles, and office supplies. It is the second-generation shell material after ABS. Instrumentation and consumer electronics are one of the growing markets for HIPS products, including small meters, refrigerator walls and interior parts, TV housings, air-conditioning components, trading machines, and audio and video tape cassettes. Special grades of HIPS have replaced expensive engineering plastics in many fields. A super high impact strength and high temperature resistant HIPS has even been used as automotive interior parts.

⒉Low foaming material: HIPS plastic sheet roll low foaming product looks like wood, has the properties of wood sawing, planing and nailing, and can be used for packaging, furniture, construction materials, etc.

⒊Disposables: HIPS plastic sheet roll 'largest single use is as packaging and disposable materials, in food packaging materials and eating utensils, such as vending machines and cups for various packaging, various covers, plates, bowls, etc. ; Disposable items such as dishes, bottle caps, safety razors, pen holders, etc.

⒋Other products: HIPS plastic sheet roll can also be used to produce plates and sheets, HIPS can also be made into pipes, medical equipment and textile equipment.
Specifications of Embedded 10^4 ohms conductive hips plastic film roll 
Product name: 
 High impact polystyrene HIPS plastic sheeting roll
Thickness: 0.2~2mm
Colors:Natural color,White color,Milky white color,Brown color,Black color,Red Color,Blue Color ,Yellow Color,Coffee Color
Application:Thermoforming food packaging,cup lids,Electronic tray,cosmetic packaging
Form:by roll or cut sheet form
Outer diameter:200-700mm
Inner core diameter:3"(76mm)
Embedded 10^4 ohms conductive hips plastic film roll

Product parameters

Parameters of Embedded 10^4 ohms conductive hips plastic film roll 

Test Item
Test method
Specific gravity
ASTM D792 g/cm3 1.04
Impact Strength         
ASTM D256 mpa 35
Tensile Strength
ASTM D638 mpa 29

Heat Deflection Temperature
ASTM D648 85
Flexural Strength
ASTM D790 mpa 36
Visual Inspection /       Customized
ASTM D257 Ω 10^4
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