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ESD PET sheet: ITO coating vs antistatic additives

ESD PET sheet is an antistatic material commonly used in electronics manufacturing to protect electronic components from electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage. Two common ESD PET sheet types are ITO-coated PET sheets and PET sheets with added antistatic additives.

ITO coated PET sheet

ITO-coated PET sheets achieve electrical conductivity by depositing a thin film of indium tin oxide (ITO) on the PET substrate. ITO is a transparent conductive material that effectively directs static charges to the ground.

PET sheet with antistatic additives

PET sheets with antistatic additives achieve conductivity by mixing antistatic additives into the PET resin. Antistatic additives reduce the surface resistivity of a material, making it more likely to conduct electricity.


FeaturesITO coated PET sheetPET sheet with antistatic additives

Which one is better?

Which ESD PET sheet is better depends on the specific application needs.

If high transparency and high conductivity are required, ITO coated PET sheets are a better choice. ITO-coated PET sheets are widely used in touch screens, solar cells and other applications requiring high optical performance.

If lower cost and higher durability are required, PET sheets with antistatic additives are a better choice. PET sheets with antistatic additives are often used in packaging, electronic component trays and other cost-sensitive applications.

How to choose?

When selecting ESD PET sheets, the following factors should be considered:

  • Application requirements: Consider factors such as conductivity, transparency, cost, durability and processability required for the application.
  • Budget: ITO-coated PET sheets are generally more expensive than PET sheets with antistatic additives added.
  • Suppliers: Choose reputable suppliers to ensure product quality meets requirements.


Here are examples of two ESD PET sheets in specific applications:

Touchscreens and Displays: ITO-coated PET sheet is commonly used for touchscreens and displays because of its high transparency and low resistivity.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs): PET sheets with antistatic additives are often used for packaging and shipping of PCBs because of their low cost and high wear resistance.

Electronic component trays: Both ITO-coated PET sheets and PET sheets with antistatic additives can be used for electronic component trays, depending on the conductivity and transparency required.

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